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Curriculum Information


Curriculum Intent

Education is the foundation for life. At King’s Oak, we aim to create ‘Irresistible Learning’ opportunities for all of our children. When children cannot resist learning, they are excited, enthused and challenged to be the best they can be. At King’s Oak, we aim to ensure each child grows to the best of their own ability; academically, physically, spiritually and emotionally and our curriculum is designed in a stimulating way to allow for this to happen. We believe that the fulfilment of individual potential is the right of every child irrespective of gender, race or ability. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and delivered in a thorough and stimulating way. We foster an appreciation of the rich variety of the world and teach respect and tolerance. The fact that we live in a society of many cultures offers exciting opportunities for enrichment. King’s Oak school offers united and total opposition to any form of racism.


At King’s Oak Primary School, we endeavour to ensure we provide an education that enables all children to thrive by reaching their full potential and develop the skills essential for life in modern Britain and the wider world.

Through our core ethos of Excellence and Citizenship we aim to meet the needs of our children and the community we serve. This ethos is underpinned by 6 core values:

  • Challenge
  • Cooperation
  • Safety
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Aspiration

Alongside this we promote our school code of conduct of “Ready, Respectful, Safe” and seek to nurture these qualities in the children within our care.


We have the expectation that all children leave King’s Oak with the fundamental knowledge and skills that they need to succeed in the next stages of education and beyond.

We are committed to ensuring that:

  • All children will be able to read at an age-appropriate level and have developed a love of reading, beyond what is provided just within school.
  • All children will be able to calculate fluently and identify the maths needed in everyday situations.
  • All children will be able to express their views clearly in verbal and written form, making the correct choices in terms of style.
  • All children will be able to understand the world around them and how this has developed over time.
  • All children have high expectations of themselves
  • All children achieve success in the wider curriculum and transfer these skills throughout their journey



We aim to develop our young people into mature, responsible global citizens of the 21st century. Our expectation is that all children will leave with a sense of belonging and an understanding of the world around them and how their actions can influence this.

We are committed to ensuring that:

  • All children understand and can demonstrate the fundamental British Values.
  • All children can understand how their actions can influence/affect others and use this understanding to make good choices.
  • All children make positive contributions to the local area and wider world.
  • All children understand how to work towards a sustainable future.
  • All children have a range of strategies to thrive in modern Britain.