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Oak Road, Bedford, MK42 0HH Tel: 01234 220480

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This is a good school.


Teaching is good. Skilled teachers have a sharp focus on developing reading, writing and number skill through an exciting and engaging set of experiences.


Teachers and leaders have overcome significant inadequacies since the last inspection.

The headteacher, ably supported by a highly effective leadership team and governing body, is relentless in her drive for excellence.


Children enjoy being at school. They feel safe and work hard to please their teachers.


Pupils are catching up following previous underachievement. Pupils are on track to reach levels of attainment that are near to the national average.


The school is successfully closing gaps in attainment between different groups of pupils.


The school is good at recognising when pupils need some extra help and quickly provide this support in class and in small-group sessions.


Pupils love to read and teachers match books to the exciting activities in class so pupils can read more about topics that interest them.

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