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Oak Road, Bedford, MK42 0HH Tel: 01234 220480

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The Leadership Team

Leadership Team


Governor Mark

Alison England


Libby Hughes

Assistant Headteacher

Maternity leave

Tom Barker

Maths Lead

Tom Barker Sainsbury silver logo Governor Mark

Karen Woodcock

Assistant Headteacher Early Years

Erin Mills

Assistant Headteacher KS1 Year 1 and Year 2

Christina Hodges

Deputy Headteacher

Erin Mills-74x105-2016-09 Christine Hodges-74x105-2016-09 Ali England-74x105-2016-09 Libby Hughes-74x105-2016-09
The Inclusion Team
Subject Leaders School Support Staff Nursery and Reception
Year 1 and Year 2 Year 3 and Year 4 Year 5 and Year 6
Classroom Support

Susan Smith

Assistant Headteacher KS2 Year 3 and Year 4

Susan Smith-74x105 KarenWoodCock-74x105 Sukh Singh-74x105

Sukh Singh

School Business Manager

Robin Kelly

English Lead


Julia Young

Creative Curriculum Lead

Julia Young-74x105

Marie Hinkley

Office Manager/ PA to Headteacher